Plant Nutrients

  1. Neem Powder

    Neem powder 100% organic which enriches the soil and reduces the nitrogen loss. Inhibits Mematodes plant.
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  2. Vermicompost Organic Manure

    Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is used in farming and small scale sustainable, organic farming. Vermicomposting can also be applied for treatment of sewage sludge.5 Simple Ways To Use Worm Compost In Your Garden 1) Top Dressing Application of Vermi compost right on top of the soil , just by sprinkling over the area of the root mass will eventually filter down and feed the plant. This is the easiest way to incorporate vermicompost as it requires no measuring or mixing. Every time it rains, or little creatures carry a tiny bit of cast down into the soil, your plant will have a special delivery of vitamins and minerals.2) Soil Amendment Unlike top dressing, amending your soil with vermicompost is done before the plant is set into place. In this case, you would mix potting soil or garden soil with the compost so that it is even throughout and surrounds the roots once they extend into the earth. This application requires more compost to start with but enhances the overall structure of the soil in addition to offering nutrition. This is a favorite way to ensure any special ornamentals or favorite heirloom varieties get the TLC that will help them get well established and conquer environmental 3) Seed Starter Any gardener who takes the time to nurture plants up from seed knows they require a tender touch, perfect sun exposure, water, and nutrients to grow past that first stage. But, by incorporating a healthy dose of vermicompost in proportion to the rest of your seed starting mix you give that little seedling an even better chance at not only surviving but thriving.4) Liquid Fertilizer (Compost Tea)The name is deceptive when at first you think of chamomile or the like, but compost tea is made by steeping finished vermicompost rather than tea leaves. Over time, beneficial microbes multiply in the water creating a tonic that both quickly delivers nutrients directly to the roots, but can also be sprayed ON the plants as a protection from such things as airborne diseases, and infestation.5) Turf Builder Vermicompost helps keep lawns consistently green, lush, and weed free. Vermicompost fertilizer will encourage your lawn to have deep strong roots that can take in the water and nutrients needed to grow grass that inhibits the growth of weeds. A lawn fed with a naturally balanced fertilizer will be vibrant and green, need less frequent watering, and will bounce back more quickly after the dry and cold seasons.Simply broadcast relatively dry castings using a seed spreader so that the bits can fall down between the blades of grass. Rain will allow the particles to slowly be released into the earth and feed your lawn for months at a time
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